Off The Beat

University of Pennsylvania's Premier Co-ed a Cappella GROUP

Alex Kalvar

Nicknames: Alkal

Voice Part: Tenor

Class: 2019

Major: Criminology

Solos: I Found (Amber Run), Bulletproof (Young Guns), Miracle (Emarosa), Go To War (Nothing More), Sign of the times (harry Styles), Hey Love (Foreign Figures)

Board Position: Vice President (2018), ACK/PAC/SAC Chair (2016)

It’s a sunny Florida day and you spot a gray minivan cruising along the interstate at a careful speed of 70 mph. Look inside and what do you see? Alex Kalvar, “Alkal” for short, driving his children, otherwise known as every other member of Off the Beat, to the beach, shades on and music bumpin’. While Alex makes sure we are all safe and sound much as a parent does, he’s also somehow a kid at heart (just look at his socks for proof). Whether he’s acting like he’s 5 or 45, he’s always there when you need him with a smile and a dad joke of course. With his voice of an angel, he’s got a tearjerker for you tonight… I’d suggest getting those tissues ready, loves.

I can say the alphabet backwards in 5 seconds. Go ahead, test me.
My favorite artists are Maroon 5 & Panic! At The Disco.
When I’m not singing I like to play and watch sports!