Off The Beat

University of Pennsylvania's Premier Co-ed a Cappella GROUP

Bowman Cooper

Nicknames: Bow, arkansas

Voice Part: Mezzo

Class: 2019

Major: English

Minor: Consumer Psychology

Solos: Bored to Death (Blink-182), Before I sleep (Joy Williams), Frozen (Cliver), Sonsick (San Fermin), Blow Me Away (Breaking Benjamin & Valora)

Board Position: Publicity Manager (2018)

“Yee haw!” OTB may have two new southern princesses in the group, but neither of them can compete with the Queen herself, Bowman Cooper the First. Bowman, the world’s most social introvert on the planet, will both host the best brunches in her humble abode and then drink wine and do ballet in her room. Aside from her captivating vocals, Bowman has many many talents those of which include cheerleading ;), ballet, bedazzling, driving down to Arkansas in only 2 hours, and dancing in night clubs (sorry mom and dad). Bowman’s daily routine looks a little like this: resurrect from the grave to attend 7am Orange theory, shower in a pool of pinot (it’s really great for the pores), knit 3 scarves, bedazzle a cool green jacket for St.Pattys, make brunch for herself and every individual on her apartment floor, then finally make it to class. After class Bowman sits and scrolls through the entirety of twitter twice and then graces the entirety of Off the beat with her presence at rehearsal. Our resident mom/southern queen is sure to Blow You Away tonight with badass vocals.

When I am not singing I am a devoted member of the infamous cult known as SoulCycle.
I make a great chicken piccata.
My favorite artists are Stevie Nicks, Miranda Lambert, Dolly Parton (duh), and Violent Femmes!