Off The Beat

University of Pennsylvania's Premier Co-ed a Cappella GROUP

Bowman Cooper

Nicknames: Bow, arkansas

Voice Part: Mezzo

Class: 2019

Major: English

Minor: Consumer Psychology

Solos: Bored to Death (Blink-182), Before I sleep (Joy Williams), Frozen (Cliver)

Board Position: Publicity Manager (2018)

Also known for her critically-acclaimed work in the DP, Under the Button, and 34th Street, this resident Arkansan princess has a voice that will give you chills – in an overwhelmingly good way. During her down time, Not-Mary enjoys exclusively grocery shopping at her favorite Walmart in New Jersey, practicing her Arabic skills, offering fashion advice (I mean, have you SEEN this girl’s wardrobe??), and training her aggressive, yet lovable pooch. This southern beauty is always willing to lend an ear and will never let a friend down. Oh, and plot twist: she’s actually Britney Spears.

When I am not singing I am a devoted member of the infamous cult known as SoulCycle.
I make a great chicken piccata.
My favorite artists are Stevie Nicks, Miranda Lambert, Dolly Parton (duh), and Violent Femmes!