Off The Beat

University of Pennsylvania's Premier Co-ed a Cappella GROUP

Brian Park

Nicknames: BeachBodyBrian (Triple B), BionicBeachBodyBrian (Quadruple B), B-ri, B

Voice Part: Tenor, Vocal Percussion

Class: 2018

Major: Economics

Solos: Latch (Disclosure & Sam Smith), Mercy (Muse), At the End of the Earth (The Dear Hunter), Weathered (Jack Garratt), Don't You Cry For Me (Cobi), Pray (Sam Smith)

Board Position: Co-President (2017), Business Manager (2015)

I think we all collectively knew we were in love with this goofy guy when he showed up to callbacks wearing panda slippers. In all seriousness, B-ri eats, sleeps, and breathes Off the Beat. To the best of our knowledge he has not yet taken off his OTB sweatshirt, a mark of true devotion that has cemented his position as our perpetual mascot. But behind the gray cotton sweater lies the heart of an enterprising tenor on the path to rule the entertainment industry. This singer-songwriter TEP bro also happens to be the REAL MVP (not just of Spring Break) and keeps it LIT by infecting everyone in the room with his bubbly energy, crying at our ICCAs success, figuring out the perfect combo of pomade and wax for his oh-so-shiny hair, and counting the number of abs he has on any particular day.

When I’m not singing I like to jam out with my guitar.
I have been to 20 different countries!
My favorite artist and genre will forever be Bruno Mars.