Off The Beat

University of Pennsylvania's Premier Co-ed a Cappella GROUP


Nicknames: JKahn, Groot

Voice Part: Baritone

Class: 2019

Major: English

Minor: Consumer Psychology

Solos: Fixer (The Shadowboxers), Weight In Gold (Gallant), Ever After (Marianas Trench)

Board Position: President (2018), Business Manager (2016)

Everyone knows JKahn Derulo lives his life by the motto “Treat Yo Self.” Living life exclusively in joggers and running on only cold brew, he has actually recently sold his apartment to officially move to a prime real estate table at Hubbub (aka “The Boob”) where he now lives full time. When JKahn popped out of the womb, he was holding a microphone and was belting MK Ultra. A combination of Shakespeare and Freddie Mercury, (ladies, not all at once!) J-Kahn is one of a kind.

My favorite artists are Jack Garratt, Coldplay, Nothing But Theives, and the OG Michelle Branch.
Treat Yo Self
When I’m singing I like creating stories with the people around me and telling them to everyone who’s not.