Off The Beat

University of Pennsylvania's Premier Co-ed a Cappella GROUP


Nicknames: JKahn, Shark Monday, Groot

Voice Part: Baritone

Class: 2019

Major: English

Minor: Consumer Psychology

Solos: Fixer (The Shadowboxers), Weight In Gold (Gallant), Ever After (Marianas Trench), Crazy (Nothing But Thieves), Blow Me Away (Breaking Benjamin & Valora)

Board Position: President (2018), Business Manager (2016)

In the words of the man Joshua himself, “when the world doesn’t have your back, remember that I do.” When he isn’t being an inspirational speaker via snapchat, you can find him giving breathy workshops, wearing sweatpants with dress shoes, and looking like the fish from Shark Tales (sorry, had to). To get a little sappkers though, Josh brings unmatched energy and passion to every single rehearsal, show, and most CERTAINLY every BYO, and is sure to go down as one of the greatest OTB legends of all time. His love for the legacy that is Off The Beat is inspirational, and truly at the core of making this group as incredible as it is. I mean let’s be real, would anyone else fly to florida for a single night so that they wouldn’t miss OTB: Kings? I think not. as long as he didn’t get the pneumonic plague from his bad honeygrow grape on Tuesday, there is no doubt that he will BLOW YOU AWAY tonight. ending his time with one of the most killer songs in our set, it is heart breaking(benjamin) to see him go, but we can’t wait to see the amazing things he’ll do. keep being a legend. Keep getting that bread. Keep disconnecting to connect. And when the world doesn’t have your back, remember that OTB always will.

My favorite artists are Jack Garratt, Coldplay, Nothing But Theives, and the OG Michelle Branch.
Let’s get this bread
When I’m singing I like creating stories with the people around me and telling them to everyone who’s not.