Off The Beat

University of Pennsylvania's Premier Co-ed a Cappella GROUP

Landry Krebs

Voice Part: Soprano

Class: 2021

Major: Sociology & Music

Solos: High Heels (Jojo), Tell me You Love Me (Demi Lovato), Sign of the Times (Harry Styles), Jason’s Song (Ariana Grande)

Position: Music Director (2019), Assistant Music Director (2018), Social Chair (2018)

I could start this bio out by making fun of Landry’s lingo...but that would be oddkers. Instead, I’m going to compliment her on her graceful manner and astounding pipes. This soprano can belt with the best of ‘em. Need someone to hit a note so high it’ll break glass? She can do that too. When she’s not singing with us, you can almost always find Landry with an INSANE amount of tea. Boy does she loves tea; it really soothes her voice! Ms. Krebs has been killing the game ever since being elected Music Director earlier this semester. And if you see her wildly thrashing her arms around on stage, she’s not working out or trying to smack Evan and Jonathan in the face, she’s just conducting! You’ve heard her sing JoJo, Demi, and Harry Styles but don’t freak out when you see Ariana Grande next to her name in this program. Actually, you should freak out. Because that’s exactly what we do whenever we hear her sing this song in rehearsal. This extremely talented rock goddess is only a sophomore and we can’t WAIT to see what kind of OTB legend she becomes over the next two years. We love you Landge!! HEE HAW !!

R&B, rap, and pop are my favorite genres to listen to regularly. More specifically, my favorite artists are Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Kiana Lede, Drake and DaBaby.  But when I’m feeling a lil emo, I have to go with Maggie Rogers and Kacey Musgraves.
I’m fluent in Albanian.
When I’m not singing, I’m contemplating how to seize the means of production.