Off The Beat

University of Pennsylvania's Premier Co-ed a Cappella GROUP

Levi Cooper

Nicknames: levs, levy

Voice Part: baritone

Class: 2020

Major: Political Science and French

Solos: Bored To Death (Blink-182), Freedom (The Rescues), Kiss This (The Struts)

Board Position: Assistant Music director (2018), ACK/PAC/SAC Chair (2017)

When Levi is not killing it on stage he can most likely be found teaching himself German, replacing all of the major food groups with ice cream, or tagging you in some Sassy Socialist Meme. Currently holding the title of “Best ‘Dad Dancer’ in Suburban Maryland Under 20,” Levi is a man of many talents and passions. Don’t let his classic NJB charm or irrational fear of “cartoon wolves” fool you, Levi has ~edge~ and has been known to successfully use pickup lines that paraphrase Nietzsche... talk about Will to Power! If you want to get on his good side, just use the words “squelch” and “crusty” in the same sentence at all times when speaking to him. Look out for Levi next semester in the class he was “born to take” called Jewish Humor, just in time for the new season of Curb your Enthusiasm...pretty, pretty, pretty good timing if we say so ourselves. 

I love sailing, and during my summers, I teach kids how to sail.
My favorite artists are Hall and Oates, Fountains of Wayne, Cake, Panic at The Disco!