Off The Beat

University of Pennsylvania's Premier Co-ed a Cappella GROUP

MIchaela Zammuto

Nicknames: Mic, micalicious 

Voice Part: Alto/Mezzo

Class: 2021

Major: Sociology

Solos: Don't Let Me Go (RAIGN), Dreaming Out Loud (We Are The In Crowd), Me & You (Lawrence), Decode (Paramore)

Board Position: President (2019), ACK/PAC/SAC Chair & Show Chair (2018)

Ayeeeeee! It’s Mic’s first show as President of Off The (not the) Beat and she is so HYPE that you’re all here. Mic is also a devoted member Bloomers, and loves making people laugh by dressing up as Amy Gutmann and 12 year old boys. Her favorite past times include eating very healthy foods, such as mixed nuts and Wawa sizzlis, populating everyone’s Facebook feeds with performing arts promo, using a plethora of emojis to react to Slack messages (often her own) and spending time with her self love crystal. Her newest talent is beatboxing, so catch her dropping some fresh beats this show. Mic has brought so much to this group, but her greatest contribution that she has blessed us with are her luscious locks. Mic would like to remind you all to recycle, love yourselves, not pack up till rehearsal and announcements are over and enjoy this killer show!

I’m probably rehearsing with Bloomers or working as a teacher’s assistant at a local elementary school or sitting in a coffee shop trying to study but probably getting distracted.
Fun Fact: I refuse to use umbrellas because they are problematic and not more effective than a good raincoat, but then I get into these situations when I’m walking with a friend who’s carrying an umbrella and she offers to share it with me. Do I stick to my beliefs, knowing that half of both of our bodies will be rained on if we do share or do I just accept the nice gesture, you know?
My favorite genres are R&B, jazz, roots-ish rock, and pop. My beloved within those: The Weeknd, SZA, grandson, The Skins, Peggy Lee and Anita O’Day.