Off The Beat

University of Pennsylvania's Premier Co-ed a Cappella GROUP

 Suditi Rahematpura

Nicknames: Suds, R2, sudeets

Voice Part: Mezzo

Class: 2021

Major: Bioengineering

Solos: Our Own House (Misterwives), Dreaming Out Loud (We Are The In Crowd), Thrills (donna Missal), Come and See Me & Location Mashup (Kiana Ledé & Maurice Moore)

Board Position: Business Manager (2019), Fundraising Chair (2018)

“Suds,” who you can find exclusively at her new SEAS email (just to be clear, SEAS, not SAS), enjoys, plastic baggies full of vegan cookie dough, defending the city of Geneva as a ‘non-boring place to live’ to all of her friends, and occasionally watching “too much TV.” If you’re looking for her, you might try a huntsman GSR (only until closing time, of course), FroGro looking for uncrustables, Smokes, or having some boy buy her frozen yogurt, which she then will proceed to fill only with fruit… Sometimes, she just doesn’t have enough time for her secret admirers: after all, are THEY gonna take the MCAT for her? Catch her on those smooth alto notes and crooning a mashup of “Come and See me/Location:” It’ll make you wanna say “hee haw” in six different languages.

Fun Fact: I I speak 6 languages!
My favorite artist is Young the Giant and my favorite genres are alternative/indie rock and R&B.
When I’m not singing I am making spreadsheets for TEDxPenn, tutoring elementary school children in West Philly, drinking Wawa coffee and working in Huntsman till 4 am.