Off The Beat

University of Pennsylvania's Premier Co-ed a Cappella GROUP

Kristen Smith

Voice Part: Alto/Mezzzo

Class: 2022

Major: Health and Societies (HSOC)

Solos: Keep Lying (Donna Missal)

Upon the prospect of walking from commons to VP, a young Kristen Smith once asked “can we Uber.” Within that same brain lies an intense craving for sour patch watermelon; a candy that matches her vibe: sour, sweet, gone. Born with the notable superpower of being able to spot a Chick Fil A from over a hundred miles away, this hottie has a killer voice that packs a punch. You can tell her anything, and she'll respond with "tea." Tell her you failed an exam? "Tea." You've died in a horrific accident? "Tea." Want anything from Starbucks? "Tea." You can usually find her studying in Stommons with a caramel macchiato, utilizing her math skills at Distrito, or scream-singing at any social event (hey, she’s on social bench!!). Still think Kristen isn’t the baddest bish on this campus? Keep Lying to yourself sweetie.

I could eat (and have eaten) chick-fil-a for every meal!
When I’m not singing, I’m probably watching Netflix (Gossip Girl, Grey’s, The Office, or One Tree Hill for the thousandth time), or am on my way to Starbucks for my daily (hourly?) coffee fix.