Off The Beat

University of Pennsylvania's Premier Co-ed a Cappella GROUP

Melanie Bow

Nicknames: MelBow

Voice Part: Alto

Class: 2018

Major: Intellectual History

Solos: Hear The Bells (Naomi Scott), Muddy Waters (LP), Missile/River (Dorothy/Bishop Briggs), The Devil (Inside) (Fit For Rivals), Tokyo Sunrise (LP)

Board Position: alumni relations chair (2017), tour Manager (2016)

When you step into Melanie's 1970s avant-garde Parisienne apartment on 40th and Pine, you're greeted by vintage Simon & Garfunkel posters and a magic couch that turns you into a cover photo of Marie Claire. Of course, this apartment only partially shows the ever-sophisticated, Nietzsche-loving, Swedish-baking world of MelBow. You might just discover her secret stash of a full Shrek costume (complete with a secret swamp)—although some have reported sightings of the real Shrek with a MelBow costume instead... Melbow’s other incredible talents include expert communication with Airbnb hosts, the ability to throw a beautiful football spiral, and a voice powerful enough to get those little hairs on your arms to stand right on up. 

Orlando Bloom coughed on me during the 2009 Swine Flu pandemic... was subsequently sick but can’t confirm it was the actual H1N1 virus :/
I like folk, alternative, and classic rock. Some of my favorite artists are Father John Misty and Leonard Cohen.
When I’m not singing I enjoy playing folk guitar, traveling, writing, and film.